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Spicy Chewy Ginger Cookies

Of all of the cookies I make during the holdiays these are always the ubiquitous favorite in my family.  They are buttery and chewy with a lovely crispness on the edges and they scream ginger cookie! Some cookies claim to have ginger in them yet only sport a teaspoon or two; these babies have a whopping quarter of a cup ground ginger topped of with a half a cup of crystallized ginger. Their spicy sweetness is the perfect pairing for a cup of hot chocolate or steaming hot coffee! Continue reading

Lego Chima Party

One of the great joys of watching my children grow is seeing how their own beautiful personalities and interests develop. Ever since my kids were old enough to have an opinion I have let them choose their birthday theme. This year Asher’s love of Legos has really grown and he particularly likes the Chima theme.  So he decided on a Lego Chima party for his seventh birthday. At first I was at a bit of a loss as to which direction to go with this. Chima characters are not the same as many other Lego characters and their story line has a much more organic feel than the boxy rigidness of most Lego genres.  After painstakingly (and painfully) watching many Chima television show episodes I set off to create the Land of Chima in our home.  Continue reading

Eden’s World Travel Farewell Party

My beautiful step-daughter Eden turned eighteen early this month and is venturing out into a new world. In the morning she will travel from Oregon to Hawaii to live with her great aunt and uncle for an educational opportunity. I am so proud of her. I love her so dearly. And I am a little heartsick to see her go. Last night I held a small gathering of family so that we could all wish her well and have one last hug before she leaves the mainland.

Continue reading