Eden’s World Travel Farewell Party

My beautiful step-daughter Eden turned eighteen early this month and is venturing out into a new world. In the morning she will travel from Oregon to Hawaii to live with her great aunt and uncle for an educational opportunity. I am so proud of her. I love her so dearly. And I am a little heartsick to see her go. Last night I held a small gathering of family so that we could all wish her well and have one last hug before she leaves the mainland.


Even before I knew she was moving I had in mind an idea to throw her a travel party. Something like, “The Adventure Begins,” now that she is eighteen. But it is even more fitting as she has taken on this new trek into the unknown.


I designated lands for the different types of sweets on the table.


Eden’s one request for the dessert table was zucchini bread (funny!).  The only country that I had tabs for that was even remotely close was Germany. I tried to convince her that zucchini bread was from Germany, but she definitely did not buy into it. And, well, I just don’t have a lot of German desserts in my repertoire so German zucchini bread it was.


London parked itself in a shortbread-style cookie which seemed appropriate for their beloved tea time.

A-close-york-webA-New-york-webNew York camped out in mini cheesecakes.



Paris indulged in a chocolate torte with dark chocolate ganache and caramel glaze.


And Hawaii was represented with coconut cupcakes even though I did not have their coordinating stickers.


Last, but not least I made a Rice Krispy treat chalkboard-style globe. I decided to make the globe after watching Jessica Harris’ amazing Craftsy class Clean and Simple Birthday Cakes! (If you follow the title link you will can purchase the class for half price!) In the class she shows you some incredible ways to create sculpted pieces that are clean and consistent every time. In the class she makes a hot air balloon, but it easily translated into the globe and would work well for a sports ball or any number of items.  Just to indicate how awesome her techniques are, I was able to decorate this piece in less than an hour. For me, that is unheard of. Now I know it is not perfect (don’t look too closely!). But considering my serious time constraints I was quite pleased. That is what all of her techniques and classes do; allow you to create gorgeous, clean projects with minimal expertise and negligible angst.

Being the super cool friend that she is too, she loaned me the black fondant that I covered the globe with. (She won’t actually get it back but we do a lot of give and take.) That’s the joy of being blessed with a BCB (best cake buddy)! Thank you my sweet friend!


I leave you with one last picture. My lovely Eden (in the middle) with my littles Maddie and Asher. I will miss her so, but it is a good excuse to go to Hawaii!

Happy Baking!


11 thoughts on “Eden’s World Travel Farewell Party”

  1. What a wonderful and fun tribute. The love for your Step-daughter shines bright in this party. May she be blessed in her new Hawaiian home. Thanks for sharing (and I’m sure you’re right, zucchini bread originated in Germany)!

  2. Oh, sorry to have missed this going away party! Love your pictures!! I looked at the Black Globe and thought… “where did Summer get that” very nice!!

    1. Thank you! I am happy to report that she is accommodating well. I am jealous of the weather. We are still in the rainy season here in Oregon but are having some sun breaks thank goodness 🙂 I hope you enjoy the recipes!

  3. HI there. I think this looks fabulous. Where did you get your cupcake toppers from for the different cities/countries? with grateful thanks

    1. I purchased country themed stickers from Michael’s and stuck them on coffee stirrers. The have sticky tape on the back but I had to add some for the ones that had the tape in the wrong location. It was quick and easy! 🙂

  4. Where did you get those adorable signs to put around the desserts? I am doing and around the world dessert table for my daughters graduation party and I would love to do something just like that I love the Paris and London signs in the Statue of Liberty .

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