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Essential Vanilla Cupcakes

Oh vanilla cupcakes, you look so sweet and innocent but can be such a bugger sometimes! One would think such a recipe would be easy to conjure but cupcakes come with their own set of challenges. One time I baked close to 10 batches of cupcakes trying to find ones that had the perfect dome (not an easy feat!). These Vanilla Cupcakes are my go-to recipe for birthday parties and class functions.  They are light, moist and flavorful; they have the just-right amount of dome and are sturdy enough to hold up to all types of fillings and toppings. They will quickly become your Essential Vanilla Cupcakes too! Continue reading

The Sugar Cookie Recipe

I have a bit of a thing for sugar cookies. The simplistic beauty of a perfect sugar cookie is, to me, just impossible to resist. I love the aromatic essence of vanilla and the not-too-sweet buttery pastry. I love the gentle toothsome resistance when they are faultlessly baked. In my quest for a truly blissful cookie I have eaten many subpar renditions, but the recipe I am about to share is one that was worth the wait.

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Cookie Dough Pops

I have always been a bit of a cookie dough eating fanatic. I don’t actually know how my mom got any Christmas cookies made with me nibbling off the chilling dough balls in the refrigerator all the time, but somehow a few made it to the oven.  These days cookie dough desserts are flooding the web, but in our salmonella-fearing society everyone leaves out the eggs, which in my opinion are critical to authentic tasting cookie dough. Here is my rendition of the popular treat that tastes like the real deal but is safe for everyone.

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