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One of the great joys of watching my children grow is seeing how their own beautiful personalities and interests develop. Ever since my kids were old enough to have an opinion I have let them choose their birthday theme. This year Asher’s love of Legos has really grown and he particularly likes the Chima theme.  So he decided on a Lego Chima party for his seventh birthday. At first I was at a bit of a loss as to which direction to go with this. Chima characters are not the same as many other Lego characters and their story line has a much more organic feel than the boxy rigidness of most Lego genres.  After painstakingly (and painfully) watching many Chima television show episodes I set off to create the Land of Chima in our home. A-Table-crop1-webThe Dessert Table: This was the centerpiece of the event with natural wood elements as well as representations of sky and foliage. In addition, some of the animal tribes which inhabit the Land of Chima were present including the ruling Lion tribe, antagonistic Crocodile tribe and the friendly Eagle tribe.A-Chima-cake-webThe main cake, with the symbols of these tribes, took center stage as the table’s focal point.A-Chima-Cake-2-webWith so much to prepare for the party in the way of desserts, I knew I needed to get this cake done early.  For this reason, this cake was a dummy which allowed it to be completed two weeks ahead of the event. My amazing and wonderful friend Jessica Harris came to my house and helped me with design and execution of this cake. She paneled the dummies in modeling chocolate or a modeling chocolate fondant mix while I worked on many of the surface details. I am so grateful for her incredible friendship. Beyond her incomparable talent with cake she is just a beautiful and genuine spirit. I am ever thankful to the Lord for allowing our lives to intersect!A-close-cake-webHere are some of the up close details of the Lion symbol taken from the Chima Lion belt.A-cupcake-webThe table also included cupcakes both large and small. The small cupcakes were topped with shiny blue gumballs which represented the Chi which gives the animal super power. There were also Lego cookies,A-cookiedough-pop-webSugar Cookie Dough Pops,A-whoopies2-webWhoopie Pies,A-treats-webDouble layer Rice Krispy Treats with croc toppers,A-Table-goodies-right-webAnd Chima symbol cookie pops and a Lego Pineapple Upside Down layer cake.A-drink-up-webThe Refeshments: For snacks before sweets the kids were served fruit (Asher’s all-time favorite food group) and a drink they named Swamp Punch. The punch was made from pineapple juice, Squirt soda and lime Kool-Aide with a little added sugar and green coloring. It was actually very delicious!

A-tissue-pass-webThe Activities: To start out the guests used a half a straw to pick up small circles of blue tissue paper (a stand-in for Chi) and pass it down a line of guests using just the straws and into a pail. This was an exercise in the importance of tribes working together.A-Catapult-mini-webNext we moved on to defense and the kids each built their own mini catapult from kits we had put together using a Mini Catapult Tutorial.A-Gpa-Catapult-mini-webGrandpa was a rock star on this activity and hot glued lots of popsicle sticks together!A-Catapult-Boys-webHere is a group of boys entranced with their catapults. These were a huge hit! They shot tiny balls of wadded up aluminum foil which was a great weight; heavy enough to fly but not do any damage.A-pult-setup-webAfter a hefty dose of sugar we moved outside for the Big catapult. My brother-in-law Sonny built this beast to launch potatoes into the field. The guys set up the mechanism and the kids pulled a string to shoot their tubers.A-potato-line-webHere are the kids waiting in line with their potatoes in hand. The catapult was a bit dangerous so they had to stay behind the line at a safe distance. That’s my beautiful mama at the end keeping the children in line.A-potato-pult-webHere is a potato in mid-air flying out into the field!A-favor-bags-webThe guests were sent home with bags which Asher’s grandma Claudia made.A-favor-detail-webEach bag had a fabric patch with four of the Chima tribe symbols on the front which I printed using a standard ink jet printer. The bags were filled with a light-up Chi ball, a Chima notepad and a book about the Chima tribes (I love to promote reading!).This was such a fun party for all of these sweet boys! My sweet and talented from Sara Shearer of Sara Shearer Photography took all of these beautiful shots of the party.

Next year Asher says he wants a Romeo and Juliet themed birthday. Hmmmm, that should be interesting 🙂









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  1. Oh my word!!! You did a fantastic job!!! What great attention to details! When I recently said I wish I was your neighbor, I misspoke. I wish I was your kid! 🙂 How special you must have made Asher feel. He won’t forget this birthday, I’m sure! Well done! 🙂

    1. We have such fond memories of all of the parties! I have such a great and supportive family. Everyone pitches in with lots of hard work. When we have costume parties all the adults in the family will show up as characters. It really is a kick! 🙂

  2. I want to be a kid again, preferably yours. Then you’d have a party for me too right?
    You are so talented! I just love reading your posts and looking at all the amazing pictures.

  3. This is by far the most amazing dessert table I have ever seen! But it doesn’t stop there…every party detail perfectly executed with unbelievable creativity. You are a rock star! You and Jessica put us all to shame!!!

  4. What lovely colours….and love the fake cake! A couple of questions …how did you get the dummy cake to be so smooth ? Did you sandpaper the styrofoam dummy beforehand? Also why panel wrap and not drape the dummy cakes? Thanks so much.

    1. Hi Selvi, The cakes were wrapped because they were done in modeling chocolate and it does not really drape at all. Also, you can get a super sharp edge when you wrap and when using thin layers of modeling chocolate you can blend the seams well. Another advantage of modeling chocolate is that it does not fade in color like much fondant does. So if you want to work ahead the colors will stay true. I did not sand the dummies, just coated them with shortening before hand. I hope that makes sense! 🙂

  5. Wow that is phenomenal, all that work. I am so jealous!
    Can I ask how much that cost you to do? And How many hours?
    You are like the best mum ever!

    1. Hi Jaime, You know I am not sure what the total cost was. I try to buy and bake over time and am not very organized with a budget. The biggest ticket item was the large catapult since lumber can get spendy. The dessert table itself was not too costly. The background was foam core board and tissue paper circles for a total of less than $10. Since all of the desserts were homemade they were less than $50 total I am sure. Time is the biggest player. I tend to bring in an army of minions close to the party date and have them working long hours. I would guess over 100 hours of manpower easily. It’s a good thing for my awesome family! 🙂

  6. One way to bond your family…make them work together to produce memorable celebrations! Brian & I want to be one of your minions and learn from you!

  7. This is SOOO COOL! I love it! Every detail is perfect – your parties must be the ones every kid hopes to get invited to! I’ve been following your blog for a while (found you through Jessica’s blog) and love everything you do. It’s always helpful and just amazing – keep up the good work please!!

    1. Thank you! I was just at Jessica’s house today plotting some awesome cakes for my daughter’s birthday party this weekend. It helps to have really awesome cake decorator friends! 😉

  8. This is just amazing! So lovely!!!
    I would like also to make a chima party for my son. I like these chima bags. Have you a tutorial or sewing pattern.
    Thank you!

    1. Hi Monica, I do not have a specific pattern. I used a cake round/circle as a template for the bottom of the bag and then fitted a rectangle around the base. Let me take a look at one of the bags so I can get you measurements and write out the basics of what we did.

    1. Hi Stacy, I used a combination of circle and oval punches to create the main shapes. For the head I used a large circle punch to cut the circle and then went back in with the punch to cut out the side pieces of the head. I placed a lighter green piece behind the head and freehand cut with scissors the lower jaw. For the top of the head I used an oval punch and then repunched to create a leaf-like shape. Then I used a smaller circle punch to cut out the top indention. The eyes were from small circle punches and the teeth were cut using pinking shears. I hope that helps! 🙂

    1. Hi Yvonne, Thank you! I made the wings out of modeling chocolate. I created a template and used a scalpel to get the shape out. Then I took a piece of card stock and folded it in half and the folded edge I bent into the desired arc and used to impress the crease lines. This gave a cleaner impression than running a tool along the shape. I let them sit out overnight with paper towel rolls under the outer edges to give a curved shape. I stuck them to the cake with white chocolate. 🙂

  9. OMG! I am doing this theme next month…but do you have any templates I can borrow? You are amazing and talented! I only wish I had half of your ideas. Would love any ideas on how to replicate the cake!

    1. Hi Arli, Thank you! I think I have templates for the wings but the other pieces I just cut out of cardstock as I went. I would be happy to help however I can though. Facebook message me on the CakePaperParty page and I can send you the wing image. 🙂

  10. Hi! Where did you buy the Chi-ball? I am doing my son’s birthday and he also wanted Lego Chima theme. I’m looking to do a cost-effective party favors. ^_^’ Thanks~

  11. OMG We’re planning a Chima party for our son and those catapults are the best idea EVER! Especially the big one! So excited to try building one with my son! My wife and are aren’t quite as crafty and found a few downloadable items for decorations on Etsy.

    Thanks again for sharing, you guys are amazing!

  12. Beautiful! All your cakes are absolutely stunning. Do you have a fondant recipe you can share? I’ve been trying ones using glycerin and others using marshmallows, just can’t get it right. Thanks in advance 🙂

  13. What a beautiful party! Crazy thing is my son’s name is Asher, he is turning 7 and wants a Chima party! LOL We got a kick out of finding your blog. I’m wondering if you could share the graphics your mom used on the bags. I’ve been looking for a simple head graphic of each tribe for a sewing project and it’s perfect.

    1. Hi Abbie, What a kick! I pulled these simple graphics from a China book that I ordered. I will see if I can find where I converted them on my computer and pass them on if possible. 🙂

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