Mario Bros. Party

My son Asher is crazy about video games and routinely goes through bouts of Mario Bros. madness. Who wouldn’t? This Nintendo classic has been around since my early gaming days and holds special place in the hearts of video-game lovers of all ages today. Here is a look at Asher’s Mario Bros. Party and our take on this beloved theme.table1webI wanted this party to be filled with the iconic symbols and colors of Mario Bros. while keeping the lines simple and clean. The brick pattern and coins throughout added texture  to the décor. The posters in the image above were created in Photoshop Elements from images found on the web and were printed at Costco.


Sugar cookie and moustache pops added height and texture and were deliciously tasty. The cookie pops were held in place with rock salt.


When I saw these little Mario lollipops online I could not resist making them! I think they are just too cute. The mini Mario visors can be made using the tutorial listed for the costume visors later in the post shrunken to fit the lollipops.  I used an oval punch to make these visors.


Other treats included toadstool cupcakes, coin cookies and popcorn.


Brownie bites that were topped with Fire Flowers.


Jello cups.


This is a shot of one of my favorite pieces, the Bob-om Oreo truffle pops!


And we couldn’t forget the cake. The amazing Jessica Harris came over and helped with the cake decorating. She laid all of the brick pattern strips using her wax paper transfer technique. The cake was covered and decorated almost solely in modeling chocolate.


My step-dad and I made these benches for the party and covered them to look like toad stools. The benches are wonderful for parties because it allows me to squeeze more kids at the table than I could with chairs.  A quick swatch of fabric and some hot glue changes the color for every party theme. Check out the stemware that was painted to look like Piranha Plants and the 7 Up.


I used take-out boxes for the guest favors. They included a Power Star notepad that was handmade along with a Bob-om -like super ball, a punch balloon and some fire and ice gum.


Here is my sweet little Toad on a  stool and his Mario-garbed companion.


And finally a shot of all of the Marios in their gear! The visors were made using a tutorial from Cute as a Fox and poster board from the Dollar Tree.

The photography was done by my talented friend Sara Shearer of Sara Shearer Photography.

I hope you enjoyed Asher’s sixth birthday party! His seventh birthday is just over a week away and I am mad at work to finish all the details I have in mind.  Stay tuned I will have much to share soon 🙂


15 thoughts on “Mario Bros. Party”

  1. Wow, love how everything looks especially the cake! What type of cream do you use under your fondant to get such sharp corners? Anyway, awesome job, and very inspirational. 🙂

    1. The top two layers are dummies 🙂 I didn’t need as much cake as I wanted for the visual. They are paneled in modeling chocolate too which gives a super sharp corner!

    1. Thanks! They were my favorite 🙂 I used modeling chocolate and a flower cutter that I divided two petals out from and stuck under the pop.

  2. Hi Summer! Amazing job! Which recipe did you use for this fondant cake? Or better yet, which of your posted recipes would work better with fondant?

    1. Oh goodness, I think it was a layered pineapple upside down cake. That one isnt posted yet. The best cake for fondant on the site is the Sour Cream Vanilla Bean Cake. I believe I used it as the base for the pineapple cake. The texture of that cake is great for covering. Use an SMBC or ganache though since the buttercream listed with the cake is a tad too soft. 🙂

    1. Hi Elizabeth!
      For the fire flower toppers, I used wooden coffee stir sticks that I colored with green food coloring. I punched out card stock in red, yellow, black and white circle in various sizes. I had a punch that punched the two tiny rectangles out of the white circle. I layered a same-sized black circle behind the white so the eyes would stand out. You could also print or draw the eyes on the white circles. I glued the circles together as shown and glued them to the sticks. Then I added two small leaf shapes farther down the stick. I hope this helps! Let me know if you have more questions.

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