Asher’s Pi Day Mini Pies

My son’s 7th pi day birthday has just come to a close, but I wanted to share the collection of mini pies that we enjoyed this evening in celebration of my sweet boy.

I chose to create a variety of mini pie types in honor of this play-on-words day that shares my son Asher’s birthday.  Our pie menu included cream pies, fruit pies, as well as custard and meringue pies.


I prepared all of the crusts ahead of time and froze them unbaked to reduce the amount of last minute work and to allow for maximum freshness. I used a press in crust for the traditional crust which saved time and was easy and delicious. I also prepared graham and Oreo cookie crust.


To further ease time constraints, I used one butterscotch cream pie recipe and modified it by adding milk chocolate for the S’more mini pies and added peanut butter and whipped cream for the Butterfinger pies. The S’more pies were topped with mini marshmallows and broiled briefly to toast.


The pecan and apple pies were baked in standard muffin tins in cupcake papers. These liners helped with removal of the pies from the pan and easily pulled away for serving.


Peach and cherry pies were baked in mini muffin pans with a small strip of wax paper lining the pan and providing a handle for removal. Here the wax paper has been trimmed to the top of the pie but you can see a strip on the left side of a few of the pies 🙂


Butterfinger cream pie was topped generously with lightly sweetened whipped cream and Butterfinger crumbles.


Lemon pies were mounded with meringue and broiled to quickly to a golden brown.

This fun array of mini pies was a treat for everyone and in larger volume would serve as a wonderful dessert buffet for a wedding, graduation or Father’s Day celebration just to name a few.  I hope you take a shot at creating your own pie bar soon!


2 thoughts on “Asher’s Pi Day Mini Pies”

  1. Wow, such a delicious selection of pies, I bet that there weren’t any left!

    Love the play on words for March 14th, my son was nerdy enough to memorise pi to over 300 decimal places when at school!

    I found your new blog through Jessicakes and am so glad that I did, I love it, great photos and the recipes all sound fantastic. I especially love the way that you have shown all measurements in cups, grams and ounces, living in England this helps enormously!

    Now I just have to decide what to make first!

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