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Buttermilk Chocolate Cake with Butterscotch Buttercream

I tend to place chocolate cakes into two categories: liquid fat and solid fat cakes. Liquid fat cakes contain either oil or melted butter and tend to have a more open crumb while solid fat cakes, with batter  that can hold tiny air bubbles, tend to have a finer more delicate crumb. This is a solid fat chocolate cake with a tender, fine crumb and rich chocolate flavor. Continue reading

White Mocha Cake with Espresso Caramel Buttercream

If you voted on Facebook for my birthday cake of choice this was the winner! This cake is not for the faint of heart. It is loaded with white chocolate, espresso, half and half and butter; a delicious combination that results in a tender, beautifully textured cake full of my favorite flavors. If one shot of espresso is not enough, I added a buttercream infused with an espresso caramel sauce. It’s like caramel that has gone to the dark side. Together this cakey team is a force (lol!) to reckon with. Continue reading

Raspberry Pinot Noir Cake

I have the huge blessing of living in a rural agricultural community that is known for its incredible Pinot Noir.  Just beyond my home in any direction are numerous small vineyards and wineries that hand craft lovely wines  characteristic of our region . Two friends of mine, Brad and Kathleen McLeroy of Ayers Vineyard, (who also happen to have children in classes with each of my children!) pour their hearts into making fabulous Pinot Noir.  For quite some time now I have wanted to try making a cake with a Pinot Noir and since I had an amazing bottle of the Ayers Perspective Pinot Noir on hand I decided to dive in and give it a go! Continue reading

Sour Cream Vanilla Bean Cake with French Sour Cream Buttercream

This recipe is near and dear to my heart. It was one of the very first cake recipes that I developed on my own and years later is still one of my favorites. This rich cake is tender and beautifully textured with a crumb that is light but tight enough to work beautifully for carving and stacking.  This may become your go-to cake also!

Continue reading

Vanilla Cake

Sometimes cake has a mind of its own and just when you think you can tweak a little something the whole cake goes crazy! I have been making this cake for years  but when I went to make it for this post, with some minor adjustments, it was not being friendly. Five cakes later and very little sleep to be had, this final cake is tender, moist and delicious. Continue reading

Golden Buttermilk Cake with Simple Lemon Buttercream

Now that you have made White Cake and Foolproof Swiss Meringue Buttercream you are probably left with lots of egg yolks. Lucky for you I have the perfect recipe to use those babies up! I actually developed this recipe as a way to use up those left over egg yolks  but this cake is so delicious that I would even be willing to throw away the whites in order to make this treat. Continue reading

White Cake

I have been searching for a delicious basic white cake for years.  Every now and again I would get up the gumption to try a couple of recipes, but after disappointing results I would throw in the towel thinking it was out of reach.  Recently, I decided I would live in fear of white cake no more and I decided to develop a recipe of my own.

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