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Brown Sugar Penuche Cake

Yesterday was my sister Julie’s birthday so I made her a Brown Sugar Penuche Cake.  It’s her favorite cake. It’s also my mom’s favorite cake as well as a long list of others in our family. The moist, light Brown Sugar Cake filled with the rich,  sweet Penuche Filling and Brown Sugar Swiss Meringue Buttercream (SMBC) is a sure pleaser. Continue reading

Easy (Almost) French Buttercream

Do not tell anyone that is actually French about this recipe. My methods might get me burned at the stake for my heretical behavior. This recipe does not solely include egg yolks (sacrilege!) and instead of carefully cooking a temperature-specific sugar-water syrup on the stove top, I have skipped steps and used a microwave (sacré bleu!).  While the methods may be unconventional, this French Buttercream is a rich, creamy, and flavorful and easy enough for anyone to enjoy.

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Sour Cream Vanilla Bean Cake with French Sour Cream Buttercream

This recipe is near and dear to my heart. It was one of the very first cake recipes that I developed on my own and years later is still one of my favorites. This rich cake is tender and beautifully textured with a crumb that is light but tight enough to work beautifully for carving and stacking.  This may become your go-to cake also!

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Golden Buttermilk Cake with Simple Lemon Buttercream

Now that you have made White Cake and Foolproof Swiss Meringue Buttercream you are probably left with lots of egg yolks. Lucky for you I have the perfect recipe to use those babies up! I actually developed this recipe as a way to use up those left over egg yolks  but this cake is so delicious that I would even be willing to throw away the whites in order to make this treat. Continue reading