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How to Make Modeling Chocolate and Fix Problems

Modeling chocolate is one of the most versatile and easy to use products in a cake decorator’s or sweet maker’s arsenal. It is rigid enough to hold its shape when cutting out intricate details yet pliable enough to mold into beautifully sculptured pieces.  But modeling chocolate can be frustrating to make, yielding a lumpy or broken final product for no apparent reason.  In this post I hope to demystify some of the problems common with modeling chocolate and give you the tools to create a perfect product every time.

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The Sugar Cookie Recipe

I have a bit of a thing for sugar cookies. The simplistic beauty of a perfect sugar cookie is, to me, just impossible to resist. I love the aromatic essence of vanilla and the not-too-sweet buttery pastry. I love the gentle toothsome resistance when they are faultlessly baked. In my quest for a truly blissful cookie I have eaten many subpar renditions, but the recipe I am about to share is one that was worth the wait.

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Asher’s Pi Day Mini Pies

My son’s 7th pi day birthday has just come to a close, but I wanted to share the collection of mini pies that we enjoyed this evening in celebration of my sweet boy.

I chose to create a variety of mini pie types in honor of this play-on-words day that shares my son Asher’s birthday.  Our pie menu included cream pies, fruit pies, as well as custard and meringue pies.

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Pie Cupcakes for Pi Day

It’s pi day! What a perfect time to make adorable little pie-looking cupcakes to take to all of your math nerd friends. My son Asher just so happens to be born on pi day (3.14 aka March 14th) and is a little bit of a math smarty pants himself so I made these cuppies to take into his class today. Here is my take on making these super cute sweets.

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Mario Bros. Party

My son Asher is crazy about video games and routinely goes through bouts of Mario Bros. madness. Who wouldn’t? This Nintendo classic has been around since my early gaming days and holds special place in the hearts of video-game lovers of all ages today. Here is a look at Asher’s Mario Bros. Party and our take on this beloved theme. Continue reading

Cookie Dough Pops

I have always been a bit of a cookie dough eating fanatic. I don’t actually know how my mom got any Christmas cookies made with me nibbling off the chilling dough balls in the refrigerator all the time, but somehow a few made it to the oven.  These days cookie dough desserts are flooding the web, but in our salmonella-fearing society everyone leaves out the eggs, which in my opinion are critical to authentic tasting cookie dough. Here is my rendition of the popular treat that tastes like the real deal but is safe for everyone.

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How to Color Wafer Paper

Wafer paper continues to gain popularity in cake decorating because of its low ticket price and ease of use for beginner and professional cake decorators. The trouble is that it comes in one color: white. While white is lovely for many projects it is often desirable to have other colors for your decorating repertoire. Some decorators color wafer paper by printing on it with food safe ink from a printer; but not all of us have access to such a printer or the cash to shell out for one. Thinking there had to be a better solution I came up with a way to color this medium for less.

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